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Hayate Gekko (1st Edition) R

Hayate Gekko (1st Edition) R
Item# n100
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Product Description

Series#3: Curse of the Sand

Release: October 2006

Card Condition: Brand New, Mint.

Card#: n-100

Card Title: Hayate Gekko

Card Type: Ninja

Rarity: Rare

Characteristics: Leaf, Special Jonin, Male, Proctor, Mental Power: 1

Flavor: "I might occasionally intervene if a match seems hopeless. To save as many lives as possible.."


Text: When another Ninja in this Ninja's Team is discarded as the result of the Showdown, send it to either the top or bottom of its original owner's Deck.

Symbole: Fire

Entrance Cost: 3

Hand Cost: 0

Combat Attribute: Weapon

Power Combat: 4

Power Support: 3

Injured Combat: 1

Injured Support: 1

The card is shipped to you in a Mini "Snap Tite" hard plastic card holder. It provides UV protction and are stackable, to help prevent fading and bending.

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