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Hidden Lotus (Foil) (1st Edition) SR

Hidden Lotus (Foil) (1st Edition) SR
Item# j111
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Product Description

Series#3: Curse of the Sand

Release: October 2006

Card Condition: Brand New, Mint.

Card#: j-111

Card Title: Hidden Lotus

Card Type: Jutsu

Rarity: Super Rare

Flavor: "Hidden Lotus!"

Text: Requirements: "Rock Lee" Target: 1 Ninja Battling against the user. Effect: Your opponent flips a Ninja Blade coin twice. If they get heads both times, this effect is negated. If not, discard the target.

Symbole: Lightning

Jutsu Cost: 5

The card is shipped to you in a Mini "Snap Tite" hard plastic card holder. It provides UV protction and are stackable, to help prevent fading and bending.

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