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MC-019 Totodile 2" Figure Pokemon DP Monster Collection Takara Tomy (Out of Stock!)

MC-019 Totodile 2" Figure Pokemon DP Monster Collection Takara Tomy (Out of Stock!)
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Product Description

Totodile is sealed in bag and packaged in blistered card. Made by Takara Tomy. Licensed by Nintendo.

The Monster Collection is generally recognized as a 2" inch mini-figure collection among fans. However, due to the unique design of each Pokemon figure, some of the figures may be smaller and some may be bigger than 2" inch. The whole collection is collectively known as a 2" inch figure series, but each individual figure may be slightly different in size.

Physiology: Totodile look like small, bipedal blue crocodiles (similar to its evolved forms) with red spines on their back and tail, the one on their back being larger with additional ridges next to the back spines. Totodile's head is large, with crocodilian ridges above its eyes, and much of the headís size is composed of Totodile's snout and strong jaws. There are two visible teeth on the tip of its upper jaw, and two rows of three teeth on each side of its lower jaw. Totodile's mouth is often depicted open. On its chest is a yellow, somewhat V-shaped pattern that extends to Totodile's arms, with a line bisecting the pattern at the middle. Totodile have five sharp claws and three toes. Its eyes have red irises, and there is a dark-colored pattern around the eyes that is depicted as either dark-blue or black.

Pokedex description: Its powerful, well-developed jaws are capable of crushing anything. Even its Trainer must be careful.

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