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MC-018 Typhlosion 2" Figure Pokemon DP Monster Collection Takara Tomy (Out of Stock!)

MC-018 Typhlosion 2" Figure Pokemon DP Monster Collection Takara Tomy (Out of Stock!)
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Product Description

Typhlosion is sealed in bag and packaged in blistered card. Made by Takara Tomy. Licensed by Nintendo.

The Monster Collection is generally recognized as a 2" inch mini-figure collection among fans. However, due to the unique design of each Pokemon figure, some of the figures may be smaller and some may be bigger than 2" inch. The whole collection is collectively known as a 2" inch figure series, but each individual figure may be slightly different in size.

Physiology: Typhlosion, in appearance, becomes much different than its pre-evolutions; however, some resemblances remain. For instance, it is both a biped and a quadruped, like Cyndaquil and Quilava, respectively. The fiery vents on its back disappear, making way for a new ring of them around its neck and shoulders.

Typhlosion has a somewhat bearlike physique, with bulky thighs and a collar of fire around its neck. Typhlosion’s ears are thinner compared to Quilava, and lack ear insides. Typhlosion’s face, underside, arms, and legs are a shade of cream, and its back is dark blue. The fur of a Typhlosion is very coarse and highly flame-retardant, giving it an extreme resistance to heat and fire attacks. This may also be to keep it from injuring itself during battle when using attacks such as Flamethrower or Flame Wheel. On Typhlosion’s rear is a spiky, coarse fringe of its back fur. Most of the time, when its mouth is open, it has a thick tongue.

Pokedex description: It attacks using blasts of fire. It creates heat shimmers with intense fire to hide itself.

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